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Product by Recordia

Recordia is an innovative cloud-based solution that captures, encrypts and stores customer interactions: land lines, mobile phones, fax, SMS, email, video, social media and even F2F conversations.

Recordia is a cloud-based solution that records all interactions, stores them for an unlimited amount of time in a single platform on the cloud. Then, when needed, it seamlessly brings them back in a searchable format.

It integrates with CRMs like Microsoft Dynamics and by autopopulating all interactions inside the customerĀ“s profiles in CRM, no need for additional space or to worry about on prem infrastructure, as everything works in the cloud, saving you time and money on licensing and maintenance costs.

Analytics can later be applied to obtain valuable data from interactions. Our system can also be equipped with machine learning technology, which can help you make predictions and generate reliable results from hidden insights.

  • Multiple Telephony systems integration: There is no need to change your Telco provider or PBX infrastructure, also no need to provision any server or electronic equipment, just have your voice streams point to our cloud. We provide direct support for Cisco Call Manager or Cisco HCS, Alcatel, Unify, Oracle Acme Packet, Asterisk, Broadsoft and many other VoIP platforms.
  • Advanced Security and data encryption: All recordings are captured and immediately encrypted using the most advanced encryption methods available.
  • CRM integration: integrates seamlessly with CRMs like Dynamics or Salesforce with no need for additional storage space.
  • Scalability: Flexible to the requirements of different business and sizes. Recordia can be scaled up or down to your needs at any time
  • Accessable: All recordings are easily accessible from a web-based, highly responsive and extremely user-friendly platform in the cloud. Search with ease by: usernames, dates, keywords, type of interaction, duration, etc.
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