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Product by Cloud Worldwide Services

eComFax is a secure, reliable and scalable cloud solution that lets users send and receive faxes in a clean, safe and reliable way, to any recipient, from any application, device or location. eComFax uses the same protocols and basic processes of traditional faxing, but without the need for machines or maintenance fees, telephone lines and consumables. Everything is done in digital format via Internet, using the highest level of encryption available. Store faxes for up to five years in our secure cloud network.

eComFax is a Virtual Fax Service that allows to send/receive faxes and other electronic documents in a secure and easy way. By using the cloud technology, it allows customers to implement the service without installing any software/hardware component; thus simplifying management, cost, and usability.

eComFax is offered in three different versions, based on the customer target and intended functionalities. Each version may have different features or capabilities. The versions are:

  • SOHO: For individuals and home office owners that need a virtual fax service.
  • SMB: For Small Business that need predictability on incoming fax costs.
  • Enterprise: Designed for Enterprise, Corporations, and Multinational companies that need Enterprise-level functionalities and Global coverage.

Additionally, eComFax may be offered in a Demo version for customer evaluation purposes.

  • Quick deployment- Implementing eComFax is quick and easy as its hardware free
  • Cost savings- Avoid on premises telephony costs related to fax phone lines or IT costs, no hardware, licensing, software and a huge reduction in telephone lines and maintenance fees.
  • Automatic OCR- Faxes can be indexed in your email or DMS to get quick access to a document using simple keywords such as contract number, invoice number or customer name.
  • Scalability- Increase or decrease usage at any time. It´s fully flexible to your company’s needs. Eliminate investments at peak time periods in hardware, software, databases and phone lines.
  • Mobility- Send and receive documents from practically anywhere and any device including smartphones and tablets. No need to have access to a fax machine or telephone line, all you need is an internet connection.
  • Compliance Improve compliance with data security and legislation such as GDPR, MiFId II, PCI DSS, HIPPA etc.
  • Legally Binding- Unlike most emails, faxes are legally binding documents and are admissible in court.
  • It is available immediately with the highest level of cloud security through our secure and encrypted network.
  • You can keep your own number or get a new one.
  • Securely store sensitive documents and data. We offer unlimited cloud storage where you can store faxes and documents in our highly secured cloud for as long as you need.
  • Send certified and encrypted SMS messages.
  • Send and receive documents in multiple formats: Microsoft Office, txt, pdf, tif, jpeg, etc.
  • CertiFAX® delivers secure faxes with certified Proof of Delivery for Legal compliance. Valid in Europe and many countries around the world.
  • SecureFax® provides secure Fax delivery for highly sensitive documents, according to worldwide regulations for Data Protection. (Dodd-Frank Act, PCI-DSS).
  • PCIFAX service to financial institutions to deliver documents with sensitive payment card information, according to PCI-DSS standards.
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